Imperial Beach has incubated a truly unique and authentic community.  A town of unsung heroes who accomplish much without the need for celebration. It’s oceanic roots can be very distinctly represented by lifeguarding and surf pioneer Dempsey Holder who solidified IB’s place in surf culture with his accomplishments at the Sloughs a famous surf break - hard to access particularly in the time of Dempsey. The site of Bikeway Village proves unique as is originally served as a warehouse and outpost for the second oldest company in San Diego - now San Diego Salt Works formerly La Punta Salt Works. The surrounding landscape is where the salt has been harvested over the years - with Pond 20 being the most recently decommissioned pond. The nature of the salt business use of land has allowed for a supremely active nature preserve Bikeway looks over an expansive and protected salt water marsh. Home to countless species of common and endangered native birds.